How does Lazio in the fight for the Championship despite the dominance of economic Juventus? It is a question that is right to be watching the biannual report of the referee who, every year, have to the 5.25 million euros to the tax authorities, whatever the outcome of sports. What does it mean? Lazio part, because (and thanks) of the spalmadebiti granted by the Berlusconi government in 2005 will have until 2028 to pad the approximately 140 million euros bequeathed to us by Cragnotti: there are approximately 50 million euros, but Lazio still manages to keep a healthy balance.

The touch-up – salaries are around 80 million-of-thumb and not taking into account any awards for this season. In the first half were paid 47 and broken, part of which, however, went in the payment of severance pay, buonuscite and other charges. Something will grow in the next vintage because the agreements with Milinkovic-Savic, Luis Alberto, real Estate, and the same Simone Inzaghi are in the pipeline, as well as some improvement for Correa, Immature and Caicedo. In short, in the projection probably the weekend will come around to 90 in June, a third compared to the Juventus. Always admitting that there is a problem Coronavirus, and that everything is subjudice, for all.

The SHIELD OF THE BUDGET – So, between the folds, you can see the values immobilized – players ‘ contracts, agreements, rent stages and equipment – for 173,25 million euros, while the value of sports rights is of 94,1. The equity is 41,75 million, with Lotito that, therefore, should not put hand to the wallet and to put in place the financial statements of the club, despite the financial position is in negative territory, but there come especially debts with the tax authorities due to the spalmadebiti. The economic policy of the Lotito is simple: try to keep the player trading to a minimum, not to have setbacks and falls in the team, to mix, also manages to have a great response from the sporting point of view.

BETTER to KEEP THAT BUY EVIL – net what happened in the summer of 2018, with the farewells of Keita Balde, Lucas Biglia and Wesley Hoedt, Lotito would prefer not to sell, keeping all the jewelry, which it then invest badly. This is also thanks to Jorge Mendes, with the duo Bruno Jordao and Pedro Neto: arriving in the summer of 2017 to approximately 26 million euro, were sold to Wolverhampton Wanderers for 28.5 million. A crazy price for those who gathered only a handful of appearances in Serie A. it must Be said that Pedro Neto is now doing very well in the Premier league, Bruno Jordao much less. But as the Atletico Madrid – or the Port of a few years ago – the goal is placed in the hands of Jorge Mendes for a business continuity guaranteed. And the agent of the Portuguese, at least this season, had a big hand in not having to sell their jewelry.