The midfielder of Fiorentina Women’s Alice Parisi answering questions from fans on the social club has spoken of how she and her companions live in this moment of the stop and of the stories of his former co-workers studies (Parisi is in fact a degree in science of nursing): “In some ways the time we spend. When there is nothing to do the preparatory rightly give us of the exercises. At home it is more difficult but we try to remain united, is good for everyone to share all of this. It keeps us connected to our work, while knowing the health emergency that there is. – continued Parisi, as reported by Firenzeviola.en – having nothing to do all day I can’t deny that having the bachelor of science degree in nursing the desire to lend a hand is there, even if in this moment my career requiring me to have other choices. I hear my companions along the educational path, and is frightening all they do. Compare this emergency as if there was an earthquake and was still in progress. It is a very difficult situation, and I have to thank all the figures involved, from those who held open the supermarkets who cleans”.