“First of all, in the thirteenth year anniversary of his death, I want to remember the legendary chairman Paolo De Luca, a great president for the Siena, it is fair to remember”.
Through the official channels of the club, says the president of the Robur Siena Anna Durio, who then goes on to talk about the future of the company. Starting from the non-payment of the salaries of January and February: “As I have already said, unfortunately, it was an accident of location, also due to the situation being experienced by the country and that is experiencing the world in general. This, however, does not prevent me from definitely keep the commitments that I can reassure the square: we are working as always for the good and for the continuity of the company, in a few days we will be on the board of directors. The company is sending out his business daily, as much as possible with smart working. With all of the presidents of the C Series are in constant contact, and the same applies to the institutions of football, with the aim of resolving this difficult situation for everyone, trying not to create irreparable damage to all. Certainly the C Series is the alloy most at risk, we are making a common front because the decisions are not up to us but we can not find ourselves at the mercy of situations that could create. Before we think about the stability and health of the country and of the companies, then we think of the stability of the calcium and C-Series: are we yes talking about a sport, but creates a workforce with many places of work, we certainly should not abandon him”.

In relation to the rest of the season: “At the human level I don’t know sincerely how to share, with a pandemic in act and many people who have lost and are losing their life. We will comply to their decisions the authorities. The priority now must be to overcome the health emergency, it may still be the opportunity to share with the right foot and the reforms of which we speak of time, it may be the opportunity to share more healthy and stronger than before. Surely there will be an impact on all companies, and football is not. This pandemic will radically change the system, you will create a different dynamic in all societies, there will be to make sacrifices, we should get them all, giving up something”.

A message also goes to the fans: “I Want to reassure the fans on the continuity of the Robur. As I have always said we are willing to accept any and real interests vis-à-vis the company, provided that the priorities are good and the continuity of the Robur. I do a round of applause to all the forces of law and order and, in particular, to the doctors and nurses, that in this emergency you are doing your utmost, putting at risk their health and that of their loved ones.”