Mustapha El Atrassi is in shock. The comedian, 34-year-old has made a moving tribute to Pierre Bénichou on Twitter.

More nothing will be like before for The Big Heads. Pierre Bénichou died at the age of 82 leaving behind his many admirers of the program of RTL, but also his comrades of long standing such as Laurent Ruquier. The program facilitator is in shock since learning of the disappearance of the famous company. “The man who I will laugh the most in the last twenty years is gone. A large feather, too. And as he did so well to say… And we continue ! Without an increase in the price of the drinks ! “has he entrusted to you on Instagram.

A message would be upsetting

While other members paid glowing tribute to Pierre Bénichou, Mustapha El Atrassi, too, expressed his grief on his Twitter account. “It was really not the time to leave us, he wrote on the social network. I woke up on learning of the death of the man most funny of France, the great Pierre Bénichou. Nobody will be more funny than him. It was a virtuoso of improvisation. The word genius is overused, but this is the minimum. It was an absolute genius. I’m flattered to have known him and proud to have him laugh, him. I love you fort Pierre, and I can’t write this word without crying. Anyway, it’s not you would not like to live in a world where people can’t get out. Now, it will not be the same any more and as you said so well : “what a bore” “. A message ripping while Mustapha El Astrassi had known Pierre Bénichou in the program We’ve tried everything on France 2. A time he will never forget.


— Mustapha El Atrassi (@MEAtrassi) March 31, 2020