Sad on Tuesday that this march 31, 2020. France comes to learn of the disappearance of the journalist Pierre Bénichou, at the age of 82 years. Among the tributes, that of his friend, Laurent Ruquier, who hails as the friend that the man of the press.

The information fell on Tuesday afternoon with our colleagues from RTL : Pierre Bénichou, one of the most famous and historical feathers from the Nouvel Observateur and one of the Members the most beloved of the Large heads of RTL has recently passed away at the age of 82 years. Contacted by AFP, his son Antoine stated that his father was off in his sleep and that his disappearance had nothing to do with the pandemic of sars Coronavirus is undergoing the France currently. On social networks, many of those who had crossed the route of “Pedro, the king of the tango” greeted him as the man of letters as the character radio. On Twitter, Isabelle Alonso published a message particularly touching : ” It should be done immediately, without waiting for, what goes through the head. Yesterday, I told myself that I was going to call Pierre Bénichou, news. Today, it is too late and it makes me a penalty infinite. “Florian Gazan, a member of Big Heads, did not hide his deep emotion by writing” It was the best of us. Farewell, my Pedro. You don’t then we’ll play most of the trumpet. How sad… “

Laurent Ruquier parle

Examined on the networks, the reaction of Laurent Ruquier was not made to wait. On her over Instagram, the host tv and radio and wrote under a photo of Peter Bénbichou :” The Man which me will laugh the most in the last twenty years is gone. A large feather, too . And as he did so well to say… And we continue ! Without an increase in the price of the drinks ! Contacted by our colleagues from Télé Loisirs, Laurent Ruquier adds : “[Pierre Bénichou] would have liked that one recalls that before becoming a genius of improvisation, the great laughter that it was from twenty years in radio (15 years at Europe 1, 5 years the Big Heads on RTL), it was a brilliant feather in the written press, a true Right-to-Reply to Michel Polac… I will add that nobody will ever be able to write an obituary of him, which was as brilliant as the ones he wrote for others.

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The Man who I will laugh the most in the last twenty years is gone . A large feather, too . And as he did so well to say ” …And it continues ! Without an increase in the price of consumption “

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