31 march 2020

“The strict measures taken 15 days ago are beginning to bear fruit, and a few days the line of new infections is growing, has stabilized, and indeed tends to go toward a reduction in”. So the Governor lombardo Attilio Fontana in his speech in the regional Council. “This is proof that the last system to fight the virus, for which a date has not been found neither a cure nor an effective vaccine, is to prevent any form of infection”.

The governor claims, then “the attitude that we had from the first moment” that “was to ask the Government that were enacted stringent measures. The view that we have is that if there was the strength issue since the first moment measures are very strict, probably you would be able to reduce the speed of the contagion and maybe stop it a little earlier. It was not so” stresses, “but the proof of what I say is the red area of Codogno: after 15 days from its establishment, the infections were close to zero”.

From the Iss days on the masks serves a response in hours
“Unfortunately,” the Iss said that the first meeting to consider this mask has been postponed to next week. From there begins this process that I hope can be made quickly. I do not think that you should say, ‘we give an answer in a few weeks’ thinking to give us a pleasure, but that you should say, ‘we will give you a response a few hours,'” adds Fountain, returning to the waiting for the certification of Iss, a company that was lombard able to produce 900 thousand masks per day. “Unless you have not realized that we are in a period of emergency, however, the masks no one gives. At least give us the authorization to produce them”.

Controversy on the pads, fake and absurd
The one about the tampons is a fake and absurd controversy” underscores the governor of lombardy. “In the narration that was made in the newspapers is confused between diagnostic tool and a tools-of-care. Tampons are absolutely not an instrument of care.” Also, “is an assessment that has a valid temporary and very limited” and “in accordance with the directions of the Iss and the ministry of Health never to be used on the asymptomatic. So we did, we always kept to these strict directions of the Iss”. Fountain points out that “today, on the basis of the availability of our laboratories and reagents, which we receive through the Civil Protection we can give to maximum of between 5 and 6 thousand pads per day. We are starting a series of experiments on other types of rear-end collisions. Those that are on the market today according to the Iss are absolutely ineffective, and one out of two is wrong,” but “if we find something faster and effective way, it is clear that the strategy could change in a substantial way”.

Hired 1500 doctors and nurses
“From 20 February to today, the Lombardy Region has taken about 1500 doctors and nurses. When last summer we asked for autonomy for the possibility of having more doctors and employees in the health world, unfortunately, we said a right thing,” highlights the governor. “If we’d had from the outset the possibility of using this labor, perhaps we could address less preoccupied with the early days of this epidemic.”

Hospital Fair will be a symbol of the victory
The hospital realized at the Fair in Milan will be “the symbol of the battle won against the coronavirus and the symbol of the recovery of our region” is the comment of the Fountain in the course of the inauguration, this morning, the hospital made 14 days in the Exhibition halls, which can accommodate up to 200 beds. But, he pointed out the Fountain, “with one condition: we have not yet won anything for which you do not spread too much enthusiasm.The people must stay at home because the only way we can win”.

Board Lombardia observes minute of silence
The board of the regional Council of Lombardy has joined the initiative of the Anci, by observing a minute of silence to remember the victims of the coronavirus. “As well as are doing many other mayors in Italy, we adhere to this symbolic gesture, but important,” said the president of the assembly of lombardy, Alessandro Fermi, explaining that even at the Pirellone, flags were placed at half-mast and those in the Classroom are listed in mourning. “This page will remain in the history of our Country. You have exceeded 10 thousand victims, we have to hold on tight around the pain of the families who have lost loved ones because of the Covid, without the possibility to stay close to him and invites him to dedicate a decent burial” said Fermi. “Our recognition and our closeness, she added, also go to the doctors and nurses who died in the exercise of their duty, and to all those who are continuing to work to ensure essential services to the citizens, by putting at risk their own health”.