In the interview to the microphones of TMW, the striker of the Carrarese Giuseppe Caccavallo has also spoken of the possibility of redundancy for the C Series: ““I Hope that those who must protect the smaller series the face really. I understand the difficulties of the presidents, but they must also understand our difficulty: it is not easy for a guy who earns not being able to play to show off, it is not easy for a veteran not to be able to play to be able to tear up a contract the next few years. I always talk about the situation linked to the Coronavirus: I feel the directors that are from seasons in bankruptcy proceedings, to say to stop the championship, and, even, ask back guarantee. So that if they wash their hands, not paying more, and maybe failing at the end of the year, without taking into consideration that the surety, in the moment in which you sign up or you fail, it is up to the players. Speaking from the selfish and the profiteers of the situation”.