In a manner not dissimilar from what we have seen on PC’s with the sudden upsurge in the records of active users on Steam, also services Microsoft are experiencing growing pressure.

In particular, the House of Redmond refers as follows: “Now that more and more people use online gaming to socializing, the number of users connected to the Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live, and the Mixer is reaching record numbers“. In the face of this sudden growth, Microsoft has chosen to reduce some of the collateral services offered on the platform. In particular, it has been announced that it will be temporarily suspended the ability to upload images of players, club graphics and wallpapers of the club custom.

With the goal of making the most possible optimal gaming experience, Microsoft has also asked the publisher to concentrate the publication of upgrades and updates of relief in the hours in which the number of active players online is lower and more contents. In the areas in which they were issued restrictive rules to limit the social interactions of the population, Microsoft refers to have registered an increase in the 775% of the demand for cloud services offered therein.

In closing, remember that even the top Sony have adopted measures to preserve the bandwidth of data traffic, with the limitation of the bandwidth for the downloads of PS4 games.