Mirco Bergamasco, a former Italian player of rugby and coach of the Soyaux Angoulême, on the emergency Coronavirus in France:

“We’re waiting for the evolution. The season has not been canceled. There is talk of a recovery, perhaps, at the end of may, but everything depends on the development of the emergency coronavirus. At the time, we make a hypothesis, but there is nothing concrete. The federation has moved the cancelling of everything that is amateur.”

You’re back in Italy or at the time of the stop did you stay in France?
“I listened to what they said, not to move. Also knowing the Italian situation, are not returned and I have remained here where I live in France”.

Italian what do you think about the moves of France to fight the virus?
“They have moved a bit late, like so many other countries thought that the virus does not arrive. The rules? As always there are the idiots that are against the provisions, and so the virus is also widespread in France. As the country is very rich, even at the level of health, and have limited the damage, but they say that there should be the peak next week”.

Lost time at the level of sports?
“We think more with the money than with the head. The sporting events bring money, and then you are always trying to shove them in the long run, to the detriment of those who play the game. The professionalism is like a machine and until that should be let go. I think it was incorrect after block all of the championships. The club unfortunately will suffer economically, but we hope that the federations and the sport in general can help”.

How can rugby players return to coach? Is the contact sport for excellence…
“If in a month it will end the emergency, will resume the season in may, so there will be 3/4 weeks to put in motion everything. It would be a new beginning within the same season. Us now we’re sending the programs to the players, that have an application within which to fill a questionnaire. They do this even after performing the exercises. We follow them in this way and we have confidence that they are correct. They want to come back. Probably when we will start again we’ll do it with 2-3 players per session, to get to the normal floor plan. Of course we will not do the 9 matches that are missing, there will be another type of calculation that will be based on the current standings”.

The long break is bad?
“The rest is not bad, because every year increases the number of matches and the speed of the game. Let’s say that the effort is always greater for the players. Of course, an account is a stop of a month, another is if it lasts 2-3 months: if you will be so long, the championship will be cancelled and we will immediately to the next”.

How do you spend your days?
“We are lucky to have moved into a house with a thousand square meters of garden. We have three dogs and two cats and we found this space before that there was the problem. A couple of hours I train, both at the level of running that gym. Then I have enough work to prepare for the next season, if were to end this here, and I am also doing a training course, which is called the state diploma, to get to become a professional coach. The evening, puzzles and tv with my wife”.

There is still so much gap between rugby in France and Italy?
“Yes, I did everything I could to return to France because I had too many open ports in Italy. I don’t have a love relationship with the federation. I needed to come back here to continue to grow and in two years I built a team of high level. The difference between us and the French is that we are still young and in pursuit of what has already been done, so therefore we don’t improve. It happened to France, who outlined the stages of New Zealand for example. Now no longer the case, they have understood that they have to always look at the renewal. Italy grows, but so do others. You should give the opportunity to Italian players to leave for foreign countries, as they are required, instead of keeping them and think to grow up.”