di Marzio Quaglino
31 march 2020Ieri evening the leap to Wall Street, with major indexes more than 3 percentage points, gave good reasons to support the purchases on the stock markets. And from China, then arrived the news that, in this dramatic month of march, the manufacturing purchasing managers index is back in the manufacturing sector, above 50, which means expansion. So in Europe the start was a sharp rise in Milan and the halls of 2.02%. Also London, Paris and Frankfurt growing at around 2%. On the list of Square Business stand out Eni and Leonardo both more than 4 percentage points.

Still in the spotlight the price of oil. Wti yesterday fell to its minimum values from February 2002 going under the barrier of $ 20 per barrel. Crushed by weak demand and by the price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia, the crude oil is now able to go back a little over 21 dollars.

On the market of the government securities drops, the spread with the German Bund, which yesterday had exceeded 200 basis points. The differential now is at an altitude of 193 with the performance of the Btp, which dates back to 1.47%.