Eric was nice to spend all day at the tv in The 12 o’clock, it is in confinement with his children and his wife. The champion of TF1 is particularly worried about the latter.

If Eric continues to shine every day on TF1, the champion is currently in confinement as all the viewers. It is therefore in the company of his family as the new star of the 12 shots midisavoure his many victories on the set of Jean-Luc Reichmann. Currently working at home, alongside her two daughters, Candice (16) and Justine (7 years), the master of midi, however, is not serene as it was entrusted to the Gala. It is the ball in the belly all the days, the candidate watches his wife Stephanie to leave the house to go to work. This is, in fact, a medical secretary in a hospital in Lorient. His wife is also very concerned about the idea of infecting her loved ones back home.

A master of midi very worried

“She continues to go to work in conditions that are a little difficult, which are those hospitals, where there is a dire lack of means to protect the rest of the staff, he confided. Even if it is in a service a little out of strategic areas, there may be contamination. It is not at the shelter. It is always with a certain anxiety “. Eric can in any case be reassured because Jean-Luc Reichmann is caring for him. The presenter of TF1 has even ” taken of the news “ Eric and his family in this period of confinement.

Remains to know if the champion will continue his ascension in The 12 o’clock and will he be able to resume filming the game after the confinement. For the moment, viewers do not tire of attending to his prowess. On Tuesday 31 march, the Breton started his 132nd participation with a prize pool amounting to 686 691 euros.