Apple is developing an update to Logic Pro X to add the Live function Loops GarageBand.

logic pro x

Logic Pro X is a professional app dedicated to music production, among the most used in the industry. Of course, GarageBand offers fewer features of Logic Pro X and it is an app much easier to use, but some features special features are not present in Logic Pro X: a screenshot leaked in the past few hours reveals that Apple is going to bring the Live Loops of GarageBand in this application.

Live Loops is a musical creation tool based on a grid, and inspired by the hardware controller of the console of the DJ and the drum machine. By activating instruments, and loops in the individual cells, users can create a composition that can be organized and remixed live, with GarageBand that keeps synchronized all the rhythms.

This function may soon be integrated into Logic Pro X. The app is available on the Mac App Store at a price of 229,99€, but in this moment, can be tested for free for 90 days.