The king of Thailand has decided to leave his country to be stuck in Germany. But it has not made the trip all alone ! It is accompanied by a harem of 20 women.

Each competes with ingenuity to bear this confinement period. There are the most creative launch into the song like Laurence Boccolini, and its small benefit on Instagram. Pierre Palmade, him, preferred to write a title that he has interpreted to its web users in the bathroom. There are also those that give the moral to their subscribersby posting sexy photos like Clara Morgane and Zahia. Others prefer to entertain their fans such as GĂ©rard Darmon by dyeing their hair in ridiculous colours. There therefore has something for everyone. But there is one who has chosen tocombine containment and pleasure without any complex !

A harem of 20 women for Rama X

As reported by the German newspaper Bild, Rama X, the king of Thailand, has left his country and took refuge in Germany. And the monarch has thought of everything to avoid to get bored in his luxury hotel, located in the resort of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. An establishment he has booked in its entirety. And if he has laid hands on all the rooms, it is for a good reason : it has not made the trip alone. It is surrounded by a harem of 20 women and many servants !

Remains to know if Maha Vajiralongkorn, his real name, has also invited his four wives to join. But the behaviour of the king has revolted many, many Thais who have made it known on Twitter. It must be said that the image of the monarch, taking a good time at the other end of the world does not pass at all while his country is in the midst of the crisis of the sars coronavirus. A design special of the containment where the contacts should be as limited as possible.