In the usual direct Instagram, the patron of Ternana , Stefano Bandecchi is the point of the situation at the beginning of the week: “It began the week, we started again, and then we do. A bit is April, also my birthday, but apart from this what we are trying to be practical, maybe we will have in front of an April that is the month’s normal that we are used to living, up to 18 we will be at home: we have however the satisfaction to see that this problem will decrease, and also to understand that we are to exit this crisis real. We mobilized many people, many have moved and we are doing our best: remember that the first thing it is important to make well those who are not are, we are close, we help the weak and needy. We feel good others, and we are good to us. And strive, to give solidarity to others is good for you. Today Ternana will begin to distribute parcels to the most needy, they will do directly to the players, we asked permission to the commissioner that should concedercelo: it’s something that creates more cohesion. Others seek face masks, respirators, do not give up this situation, the whole army was put in motion, and at the University Cusano, we’re working on the valves and filters for them to become precisely the breathing. I do not see the time this story ends, and the idea that at the end we will win, for me, is beautiful.”

A note on football: “The things that were said yesterday, may intrigarci from the point of view of football, even if something can not find it right: I with you to the stadium in August, I’m not coming”.

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A post shared by Stefano Bandecchi (@bandecchistefano) date: 30 Mar 2020 at 3:39 pm PDT