To the microphones of Radio Intercepts, in the course of ‘Style Juventus’, with the participation of Daniele Capezzone, politician and journalist: “The cutting of the salary of the Juventus? Having left from a few years the political commitment direct I can express myself in a direct manner, without any particular care. It seems to me a good news, a demonstration of sensitivity on the part of the athletes. I hope that others follow this same road. I also hope that no one food doubt that after the cutting of the salaries the players are ready to escape from the set A. it seems to me a serious topic, because it’s not that the other european Countries at the moment are immune from the Coronavirus. I understand the sensationalism of the media, but I would stop at the good news without looking dark or the fear that one or the other athlete if you go. Go to Spain or England in a few months I don’t think offer no warranty”.

You can try to share with the football in the middle of may, maybe behind closed doors?

“I don’t know, I can only augurarmelo from the spectator. I feel to exclude the presence of spectators in the stadiums, this seems to me unclear, but I hope that in one form or another you can resume. I would say the sports that the season has to be completed with the allocation of securities in Italy and in Europe. I am not of the idea that you need to cancel everything, unless the scenarios are disastrous, which of course we hope not to see. Allow me to advance a small proposal which seems to me to be popular between the fans and unpopular with the teams, or that this story to take the cue to return to the league To 16 teams. If in mid-may manage to start in July, will close the season, you may not have another 2-3 years of calendars ultra-compressed to where if you miss a Sunday for some reason becomes impossible to recover. You have to solve this problem by reducing the number of teams and, consequently, raising the level of the championship. It would be a courageous thing to do, even if it goes against the interests of some teams. You cannot make everyone happy, if you want to make an omelette some eggs have to break it”.

The impact on smaller clubs?

“I have the impression that some have not understood what is going on, this thing will cover the entire of small businesses. If you are not an intervention is robust most of the shops that were closed do not reopen, or will be in June to deal with a series of fiscal obligations are unsustainable. It is necessary to adopt solutions which apply to all businesses and associations, I beg to quote two of them: the first is the suspension for the whole year of all the tax deadlines and contribution, the second is a government guarantee offered to banks that can open special lines of liquidity. The fundamental point is that there is a government guarantee, the state must say to the banks that the payments that will are guaranteed, of course, hoping that all may soon have a re-start, from the shop below the house to the great sports companies”.

Will Europe’s contribution.

“What is happening cries for vengeance, it is amazing that the only one to speak the words decent is the status of the Albanian prime minister. After so many gaffes in Europe, the only decision that makes sense is that the ECB will have to buy without limit in debt securities of member states”.

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