Interviewed by Metropolis Mauro Balata, president of the League B, spoke about the emergency Coronavirus, as it will affect the future of Italian football and the Serie B: “The first call that I want to do is to stay at home to defeat this terrible virus, we are facing an emergency without precedent, and to defeat it, there is a need of the commitment of all and the respect of the measures to fight infection, dictated by the Government. All this in the awareness, the greater will be the degree of our attention, the shorter the duration of the emergency period, to be returned to normal life, and then also to play football. We as a League B we pay the highest attention to the protection of the members and I want to thank all the clubs for having an identity of views common, through dialogue and confrontation. We decided to donate twenty devices for the pulmonary ventilation to as many facilities decided by the club and undertaken various other forms of donations and fundraising. – continue Balata talking about when he can start the season – In the Meeting we agreed unanimously that must be protected on the regularity of the championship and its format in the original and the desire is to resume as soon as we have the go-ahead of the authorities going beyond the planned dates, we are facing a problem that is unpredictable and absolutely violent. Our thinking at the moment goes only to this, other assumptions for the future, and also the fanciful. The Federation, which protects the entire football system, and thank you for the work put into the field has opened up a table to get to positions, the more can be shared by all. The economic impact will be important and we are working with the Federation to find the giuse comebacks to be submitted to the Government. You have to take into account that the system B-Series has a socio-economic impact direct and indirect induced in the Italian system, which we have the honour to represent, in its totality, which is close to the billion and a half euros.”