After having witnessed the introduction of Time Machine in DBZ Kakarot, fans of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot go in search of clues to the future of the adventure to open world of Bandai Namco and CyberConnect2 through the analysis of the Power Levels of the characters.

As emerged in the analysis conducted by the editorial staff of GameRant, and in the many discussions that are happening on the forums and on our social among the fans of the title, the ranking of the Power Levels of the protagonists, offering surprises and very interesting once managed, through the grinding of the more advanced stages, to achieve the maximum level of 250.

Drawing inspiration from the progression of events in the entire narrative arc of the series Dragon Ball Z, the authors of CyberConnect2 have decided not to provide guidance unique to the real capacity and ability of the individual characters through the numerical evaluation of the Power Level, i.e., the unit of measurement adopted by the exiles of planet Vegeta in order to determine, precisely, the strength of their opponents.

Starting from this assumption, it is not surprising if the Level of the highest Power among the heroes who have reached the level cap of 250 it is up to Goku, that is the protagonist of the series and the last blockbuster ruolistico of Bandai Namco: following the events that have dotted the history of the anime and the manga of Akira Toriyama, but we know that in that same story arc is Gohan the character can unleash a greater force between the heroes and the villain of DBZ, as witnessed by the ease with which, once reached the stage of Ultimate Gohan, unable to keep up with Majin Buu. At the bottom of the news you can find the link to the analysis of GameRant on the Power Levels of the characters in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot once you reach level 250.