This time will likely be a journey in music, and a passion for Federico Bernardeschi, the protagonist of the appointment today of “At Home with Juve”. Along with the number 33 in black and white, there will be the singer-songwriter Francesca Michielin. Lead Enrico Zambruno and Claudio Zuliani, while users can interact with their questions live.

15.00 – Start of the direct

How are you?
Bernardeschi: “Well, a little suffering for that which is the situation that takes us away from what we did. We enjoy the family”.
Michielin, “I’m good, for me is complex because they are of Bassano del Grappa and here in Milan, where I am found when emergency broke out, I only have one home base. But I have, however, equipped to do different things”.

Bernardeschi: “Francesca, I wanted to compliment you. I consider you a very first for the human aspect, and then because you are talented”.

Federico, can you suggest a pastime for this time period?
“A little bit of training because it is good to download and not to think, in addition to good for your health. The more you train, the more they want to do, so it is a good pastime”.

Francesca how many and what tools you can use?
“Evil 7-8. I studied the piano and the bass guitar”.

The game: the time when…
Bernardeschi: “I Was to do the safari in Africa, I have brought it in their culture: touching moment and beautiful.”
MIchielin: “The last time I was excited was on the show, I sang with the east. I was salivating and everything, it was great”.
Bernardeschi: “I cried of joy for the birth of my daughter. I don’t talk often, but I have to say that it is a great emotion that I struggle to express it. When I heard her crying, it is as if you had opened all of my heart. I started crying, was the strongest emotion of my life. I felt a sense of protection towards her, every day when I see you.”
Michielin: “I wrote a song called ‘Alonso’ dedicated to Fernando. I never knew him, once I went to see the GranPremio, is the sweetest person even if it looks like blood in the race.”