According to a new report emerged on the web in the past few hours, Nintendo is reportedly preparing to celebrate the thirty-fifth anniversary of Super Mario Bros. bringing many 3D games of Mario on the Nintendo Switch in the remastered version.

The plans will not be depleted very quickly. here, since we also talk about games completely new, as a new episode of the series Paper Mario. The report, reported for the first time in the VGC, it would have been also confirmed by some anonymous sources of Eurogamer. Among the historic games and ready to come back we would be Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 3D World, the last one in aDeluxe edition including some brand new levels.

Nintendo, true to the modus operandi to which we have become accustomed in all these years, has chosen not to comment on such rumor, that after the publication of the first report have been further intensified. The preparation of Gematsu, in fact, affirms to have heard of the other two 3D games, historical, or the seminal Super Mario 64, which was launched for the first time in 1996 on the Nintendo 64, and Super Mario Sunshine, which has seen the light of day on the GameCube in 2002.

None of this, of course, can be considered official, therefore we advise you to wait until Nintendo before celebrating. In the meantime, we ask you: which Super Mario game you would like to absolutely play through it again in remastered version on the Nintendo Switch?