Kledi Kadiu, dancer, and face the television of Albanian origin, he comments with pride, the aid arrived to Italy from Albania in order to contain the emergency coronavirus. “I am proud, proud of my Country. In the end, with great generosity, we are returning what Italy has given to Albania, welcoming, offering us a future. That is what happened to me”. And again: “looking back at the direct of the prime minister, Edi Rama, I get goosebumps. His words were moving. I put her address on the social. Those moments have become viral. Many I have thanked,” he added Kledi Kadiu from the sound good the retiro park in Rimini, where he lives with his wife Charlotte and their daughter Leah, 4 years old.

Kledi and aid from Albania: “I don’t understand the attitude of Europe”

Indeed, yesterday, ten doctors and 20 nurses have arrived from the balkan country destined to be the Spedali civili of Brescia, made in the knee from the health emergency. They landed in Verona and were greeted among others by the president of Lombardy regional council, Attilio Fontana, and by the vice-president, Fabrizio Sala. “It is precisely in the moments of need and difficulty that you see the real friends. I don’t understand Europe at the moment , “he added, Kledi – What happened to Italy could also happen in other Countries, see France or Spain. We solve the emergency of the coronavirus and then rimettiamoci at the table of old Europe to discuss other issues”.

The quarantined family of Kledi Kadiu

In these weeks of ‘confinement’ forced, Kledi, a globe-trotter of the dance, he confessed to having more time to devote to family and to small Leas. “Let’s go together in the bike, even if sometimes Lea prefers the scooter, all – told, we read the cartoons that asylum, which he has sent to students to explain, for example, what is the coronavirus, I am putting in place my archive of old houses digital pumping it finally on the computer”.

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