Roberto Hope, the Health Minister, has spoken in connection with That Time Ago on Rai 2: “In this moment there is still a single solution, there are measures of narrowing the social that will help us to combat the spread. Surely we still have need of these measures, tomorrow, brings together the scientific and technical Committee, and there will be made the assessment. Serve a short time, but we need to give clear messages and understandable to people. You can see a close-up of the signal, there are encouraging signals that come mainly from the emergency room. There is a deceleration, it goes in the right direction, but this is not enough. If we think that we stop immediately the measures bruceremmo this advantage. We must recognize that the vast majority of italians, with sacrifices, has observed: “today, we see a light at the end of the tunnel but wrong time brings us back. We must study the tomorrow to understand today how we could imagine a different phase, but be super-sharp on the truth: we are still in the midst of the crisis, and woe to be disillusioned or let down your guard. On April 3, will expire, and I can say that will surely be extended. There still will be a sacrifice that I don’t think it will be very short, some day.”

Those who would like to produce masks is gripped by bureaucracy.
“On the floor of the purchases you have made some significant steps forward. There are Italian companies that are presented, but the templates must be consistent. Those with high filtering capacity should be given to the health personnel. Must be certified in the operation of these masks, we must be sure that the result is satisfactory”.

There is a penalty of up to 5 years imprisonment for those who violate the quarantine to be infected. But those who have not had the opportunity to take a swab?
“We have followed the WHO recommendations, and the idea of making pads for the carpet is not feasible. The solution is isolation: those who had symptoms, at this stage, it is good to be home”.