While the hard-core hardware continue to discuss on the difference of gigaflops between the PS5 and the Xbox Series X, AMD dropped a small bomb on its official website. In fact, the american manufacturer announced that in December 2019, a person has made contact with its teams to signify that he had taken files test on graphics chips, present and future. More specifically, the source codes would address the Navi 10 Navi 21 and Arden, the GPU that will power the next console from Microsoft. “At AMD, the data security and the protection of our intellectual property rights are the priority,” warns the company that, in addition, indicates that if some of this sensitive information have been put online, they have since been removed.

As reported by TorrentFreak, it is on the forum Github that the hacker (who claims to be a woman) is reported for the first time, before that AMD did not take action to demand the closure of the topic. Interviewed by our colleagues, the individual has entrusted that to his great surprise, access to the source code was not subject to special protection, which has greatly facilitated the task. “At the time, I didn’t want to contact AMD because I was certain that instead of acknowledging their error, they would try to sue me in court, she pointed out. So, why not make all such data public ?”

It is necessary to believe that the hacker has changed his mind, as it has since estimated the value of his “loot” to a hundred million dollars, blackmail that AMD refuses of course to assign. “Anyway, if I do not find any buyer, I will free all the data”, she assured in knowing that the beneficiaries would be sorted on the pane, and the access to the source code would be secure. Finally, on the side of AMD, they show themselves to be serene on the subject : the company believes that the injury will not affect the competitiveness and the safety of the products concerned, even if it is unknown if any of the chips other than those known to date are part of the package. It should be noted that the brigade anti-crime is on the move.