Because of the epidemic of the coronavirus and is entered in connection with this quarantine, the growth of Internet traffic in Russia amounted to about 30%, which creates problems for providers. This was stated by the President of the company of MTS Alexey Root.

The deterioration of sanitary and epidemiological situation was reflected in the work of MTS and its subsidiary MGTS, working from home. Despite the difficulties, the company continues to expand Network capacity.

While Root indicates changes of customer preferences. The fact that the current volume of traffic is more typical for holidays and weekends.

“We do see a significant increase in the load on the network and especially the traffic growth in the use of home Internet in large cities and especially in Moscow, where fixed networks traffic increased by 30%,” – said a top Manager.

While MTS and MGTS cope with the load, but network bandwidth is a limited resource even in Russia, which is ahead of many countries in quality of infrastructure. Therefore, the Root requests to restrict the sending of “heavy” videos and memes.

“In the current situation can be avoided, for example, shipments are fun, but “heavy” for the amount of video in the messenger dozens of their contacts. When the number of such videos is growing exponentially – it creates an optional, but a large load on the infrastructure operators. Memes and good mood are important, but now to the content consumption in networks need to be responsible!” he said.

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