In the beginning of this week, the release of VR-shooter Half-Life: Alyxwho is devoid of the cult series of melee weapons is a crowbar. As it turned out, in the early stages of development (first half year) the crowbar was in the game, however, the authors failed to eliminate many of the problems that it caused.
In an interview with Kotaku designer and programmer Valve’s Robin Walker said that the crowbar had planned to use not only as weapons but also as the key to solving puzzles. For example, it was possible to slip between the bars to pick up something to drag to itself.
However, the crowbar broke the physics, gameplay and even story.
The lack of feedback led to the fact that the players often held the crowbar out of sight, because that’s what happens when you hold a real tire iron: you’ll never look at her the whole time. But players cling mount something. They passed, and hitched her door.
Robin Walker
The developers tried to disable physics or collision of the mount with the items when she was out of sight. They also wanted to use tactile feedback, wherein the mount touched anything, but some players just did not notice.
The authors refused to mount because everyone thought she was a melee weapon. Valve couldn’t do melee combat in Half-Life: Alyx at the appropriate level, therefore, decided not to abandon it.
We don’t like it when there is a way to do something that seems natural, but the game really doesn’t want you used.
Robin Walker
Finally, the last reason was the fact that when in the hands of the players was mounting, they are automatically identified with Gordon Freeman.
No matter how many times we told them from the very beginning of the game that they don’t Gordon. We have finished testing and ask players about events, the world and plot of the game. And the players thought they were Gordon.
Robin Walker
From Alix was a multitool and a gun in Half-Life 2. And I think they were saying that this character is a hacker and craftsman, and this is some gameplay elements that we wanted. While the crowbar is just a tool of brute force. He never seemed right from the point of view of the narrative.
Tristan Reidford, artist
I like the fact that Gordon is a scientist, but all he does is hits things with a crowbar. Alix is too smart for that.
Robin Walker
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