The next games targati Sony Interactive Entertainment may be delayed due to the emergency Coronavirus? The company issued a note in which it warns her to be always attentive to the developments of the international situation today.

The press release covers all activities of the company and with regard to the segment Game & Network Services is known as the Coronavirus is not expected to have any material impact with regard to the activities of the current fiscal year (ending march 31, 2020) while for the next few months Sony will carefully assess the situation.

At the moment there are no criticalities with regard to any delays in the production phase for games first and third party, but as said, the situation is constantly changing, especially in the United States and in Europe. Capcom, for example, announced yesterday the postponement of Resident Evil 3 in some markets with respect to physical copies, given the inability to produce and deliver this kind of goods to the retailers, which also are closed because of the provisions of the local governments.

There only remains to wait to understand how the situation will evolve, in the past few weeks Jason Schreier of Kotaku has made it clear that delays could be expected for the games in output from may onwards, without, however, mention any title in particular.