Following the reveal of the new technical details on the hardware features of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, several analysts shared their thoughts and predictions with the public.

Some of these have focused on the possible price of PS5 and Xbox Series X, while others have tried to make some first estimates of the sales performance be able to put in the console Sony and Microsoft. Among the latter, we also have Benji-Sales, a well-known analyst of the videogame is very active on Twitter, which has dedicated a couple of songs on the theme.

As you can verify directly at the bottom of this news, particular focus was dedicated to the possibilities of the Xbox Series X in the us market. for the console verdecrociata of the new generation, Benji-Sales suggests a very positive positioning, superior to many of the hypotheses currently in circulation in the field. The brand Xbox, highlights, is strongly rooted in the territory in north america, where Xbox 360 had at the time been a huge success. To encourage this trend continues, it could contribute to the presence of the Halo: Infinite among the titles to launch. Overall, though, Benji-Sales provides that the overall results may see again on the head Sony, with the still rather mysterious PlayStation 5.