Unity Technologies has launched a service for game studios called Unity Game Simulation. This system allows the testing of games prior to release, using cloud technology.
The service is currently available in beta testing, which involves a free trial. According to a press release, Unity Game Simulation significantly reduces the time and costs associated with preliminary testing of games.
As stated by Vice President AI and machine learning Unity Technologies Danny Lange, even the best games can become a victim of bad balance, because the tests are in manual mode. A new service allows you to automate and speed up the process, which allegedly will give more accurate results.
One of the first projects that involved the new system was a multiplayer project Death Carnivalcreated by Furyion Games. Herbert Jung, founder and Director Furyion said that automated testing has saved the company hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars.
He also noted that the integration of the service into the editor Unity Editor provides the fastest bug fixes in the balance.
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