The path chosen by the Half-Life series to make his triumphant return on the scene was that of the landing-exclusive technologies, designed for Virtual Reality.

As is well known, in fact, Half-Life: the Basegame which takes place between the first and second chapter of the saga Valve, can be experienced only by users in possession of Valve Index, HTC Live, Oculus, or Windows Mixed Reality. A choice that, given the relative limited diffusion of these devices has generated a partial discontent in the community of fans. On the subject recently stated, Robin Walker, developer Valve, which has highlighted as probably a Half-Life of the Base without VR will be created by players using the Mod.

Well, spent very little time from his words, the first test to be a part of the community PC began to circulate in the network. In particular, Tyler McVicker, a well-known fan of the Half-Life series, has shown in the direct Twitch a first result, able to allow the public to engage in the Half-Life of the Base exclusively through the use of mouse and keyboard. Directly at the bottom of this news, you can view a short video clip that captures the sequence shown by the user. A Mod, in short, may not be far away: if ever the content would see the light, he pointed out Walker, will probably be the definitive proof that will convince fans of the reasons why Valve have limited the game to an immersive VR.

For all the details on the back of the Valve, please refer to the review of Half-Life: Resistance made by our Joseph Arace.