Half-Life Gun is finally available, and with the new game, Valve also comes a small update that brings the client to version 1.1, solving various bugs and minor technical issues.

The patch 1.1 (now available for download) enhances the movement options, adds support for the ability to disable the option to turn using the controller, improves the resolution of some of the graphic elements and the automatic recognition of graphics settings, in addition to solving the problems of the sound industry, and a glitch the chart menu, were finally fixed bug that could cause crash unexpected. To learn more, please refer to the review of the Half-Life of the Base, the game was hailed as one of the best titles VR of all the temp (and not only), to return with a bang in a series absent from the distant year of 2007, year of release of Half-Life 2 Episode 2 on PC.

Did you know? Some modders are creating files to play Half-Life Gun without VR, but Valve has not recommended this procedure as the engine was created specifically to support the Virtual Reality and is not designed for an experience without the viewer. In addition, we remind you that recently it has been also discovered an easter egg of Death Stranding in the Half-Life of the Base.