Some players of Half-Life: of the Base with the trained eye, they found a small easter egg/tribute dedicated to the Death Stranding, the adventure of Hideo Kojima coming soon to PC.

This easter egg can be found in one of the most advanced levels of the game and was shared by the user of Reddit KnightzIX, to then be confirmed by other players. What is it about? Quite simply a box made in the style of Death Stranding, with the logo of the Bridges, and the iconic yellow ribbon. Alongside, there are also boots black outsole with yellow, another summons to the creature of Kojima.

You can see the easter egg in question here, but if you want to observe it yourself, you have to visit in Chapter 8 of the game, in a room protected by laser trip mines.

If you’re wondering why this easter egg, perhaps you did not know that Death Stranding, when it will come to PC in the month of June, will include a free DLC dedicated to Half-Life: Gun. The protagonist Sam can wear a headcrab “harmless” and the gravity gloves Gun, a sign of collaboration between Kojima and Valve.

What do you think? Have you already found the easter egg in question?

Source: GameSpot