The global emergency Coronavirus does not seem to have damaged it too much Pokemon GO, despite the game Niantic Labs has always made the aggregation is one of its strengths. With the spread of the Covid-19 is no longer possible to capture Pokemon in the open but the gains do not seem to have suffered from it.

According to SensorTower, in the week of march 16, Pokemon GO has seen its earnings grow at a rate of 66.7% compared to the previous week. Incredible, but true, behind this surge there is a logical explanation and it is to be found in the changes made by the developers to allow everyone to play Pokemon GO home.

Niantic has changed some of the mechanics of Pokemon GO, allowing the coaches to continue to go hunting for Pokemon between the walls of the home and giving way to new activities such as the League Struggles GO, the factors that have led to a significant increase of in-app purchases.

In these weeks, numerous Community Day, and various activities have been suspended in order to avoid that the players could go out in a group, behavior to absolutely avoid in order to preserve their health and that of others. These will be restored as soon as the emergency health will return and the governments of various countries will reduce the security measures taken in these weeks.