Most of today’s online games is really interesting if you play them with a friend. And for those who have no friends, addicted to games, open service E-girls — a kind of Tinder for the players.
E-girls to find a girlfriend to play together. Or even the guy with the desired sexual orientation. As it says in the description, all “e-girls” are beautiful, have a pleasant voice, and most importantly, really know how to play.
Hired companions are separated in the games, and the list includes almost all of the popular online entertainment: League of Legends, Overwatch, Dota 2, PUBG, Call of Duty, CS: GO, Apex Legends and even the “Quint” and World of Warcraft.
The price of each girl appoints at his own discretion, from a dollar or two to a couple dozen or even hundreds. Payment is “per game”, but what is considered one of the game — will have to negotiate with “mercenary” in the chat. Some do wholesale discounts if you pay for multiple sessions.
Yet the services of “e-girls” are actively using streamers: an invitation to a charming partner pay allows them to diversify the content and to attract new subscribers.
But if someone wants, on the contrary, to earn extra money as a companion, it is enough to register on the portal and make a card. It is worth considering that the service is designed primarily on English-speaking audience.
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