The Director of “Wonder woman,” Patty Jenkins in a new interview spoke about the reasons why he refused to shoot the sequel to “Thor” for Marvel and Disney.
According to her, the main problem was the script:
I do not believe that will be able to create a good movie with that script. I think that could get a major failure, and it would seem that I blame him.
Patty Jenkins
She added that this was the only time in his career, when she had the feeling that the Director change anything globally will not change. Or, maybe someone else would be able to achieve the best result.
You can’t work on films that do not believe. The only reason to do this is to prove that you will succeed.
But if the tape failed, it wouldn’t have proved anything.
Patty Jenkins
Besides, according to the Director, in the case of financial failure it is unlikely she would trust any large project of this kind — the same as “Wonder woman”.
In the end, the Director of the second “Torah” was made by Alan Taylor, who primarily worked in television. In world hire the film has collected nearly 645 million dollars. And Jenkins this year comes the sequel to “Wonder woman”, who recently moved up from June to August.
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