Publisher Perfect World Entertainment and the developers of Echtra Games introduced a new class Sharpshooter (marksman) for its action-RPG Torchlight III.
Sharpshooter uses ranged weapons, including his trademark bow and can summon the ancient spirits. Here are a few basic skills a new class:
  • Scatter Shot. A wide cone shells. Deals damage over short distances;
  • Heart Seeker. Piercing arrow. Knockback enemies, deals damage and applies bleeding;
  • Targeted Strikes. Three piercing shot. Every time you hit the same target deals additional damage;
  • Scout’s Bones. The ancient spirit of the rat swarm. Moves slowly, deals damage, pierces through enemies and poisons them;
  • Sacrifice to Goose. Spirit of the eagle. Knocks enemies and imposes vulnerability to damage;
  • Shasta Loyal. The Spirit Of Shasta. Deals damage and draws the attention of enemies.
Marksman joined the other three classes Torchlight III: the magician, engineer and warrior.
Recall that initially the third part of the action-RPG called Torchlight Frontiers and was supposed to be shareware spin-off. However, in late January, the developers turned it into a premium game with no microtransactions.
Release Torchlight III will take place this summer on the PC. Later the game will be released on consoles.
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