According to the portal “Booker’s Bulletin”, tape “T-34” became the highest-grossing domestic picture in Japan over the last 20 years.
The local rental playing for more than five months, and its total fees reached about 900 thousand dollars. Previously the highest grossing domestic film in the country was considered the first “Burnt by the sun” by Nikita Mikhalkov 1994 release.
While at the Japanese box office shows three version of the film. One adapted for the country, the second standard and the third is tuned for the format of the IMAX cinemas. According to local distributors, it is very rare for foreign films. In total for the duration of the rental picture looked about 65 thousand Japanese spectators.
The film tells the story of how in 1941, a young soldier Nikolai Ivushkin was forced to take command of the only surviving tank and join the battle with a tank company of the enemy, but was eventually captured. But in 1944, the year he is given another chance to escape from the concentration camp — with the help of the T-34 tank.
In our hire the picture has collected more than 2 billion rubles.
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