After the announcement of the reissue of Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy last September we’ve heard nothing about action, but today he suddenly came to the PS4 for 1749 rubles.
Players, apart from the iconic story campaign available, and multiplayer support up to 32 players that can participate in one of six modes, including “Siege”, “Capture the flag” and “Every man for himself”.
The players, as before, will be able to create your own character and lightsaber for him. Among the innovations — a variety of control configurations including those created in advance.
During the day, by the way, the re-release will get to Nintendo Switch. It is true that there is in multiplayer, will fit only 16 players — twice less than on PS4.
Reissue of “Jedi Academy” for unknown reasons, sold much more expensive reissue Jedi Outcast — $ 20 (1749 rubles) against $ 10 (719 rubles).
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