The news should come as no surprise, but Capcom France made it known through Twitter that the physical version of Resident Evil 3 is likely to be impacted by the sars coronavirus. “Although the date the world rest on April 3, 2020 [on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, ed.], some european markets could experience lags in delivery or availability of the game, can we read. Please contact your local resellers for more information on the individual commands and the availability of the physical editions of Resident Evil 3.” Of course, the editions digital are not affected by this setback.

Update from March 26 to #RE3
Take care of yourself.

— Capcom France (@capcom_france) march 26, 2020

For the record, Final Fantasy VII Remake must also cope with the coronavirus. “With the unpredictable changes in the distribution landscape that can vary from one territory to another, it is likely that some of you may not be able to buy the game day one, has explained Square Enix a few days ago. We want to keep you informed up to the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Also, we will post a new tweet on Friday 20 march to give you the news.”

In short, the containment could be a little more painful for some.