The vertices of Remedy Entertainment, the software house responsible for the development of the popular Control, have announced a major set of innovations in the home stretch of arrival!

Rather surprisingly, the team has in fact published a statement, which announces that it has signed an agreement with a publisher, who will arrange for the publication of well two new games that are not announced. On the latter are not at the moment, many of the details, but Remedy wanted to offer to the public some of the first clues. We learn as well that one of these is a project, until now, known with the code name of “unannounced third project“. Currently in pre-production, it is a game AAA cross-platform. The second game is a project of lesser magnitude, but located within the same imaginary and the franchise ‘s first title.

Major element, both games will be made by the Northlight Engine, proprietary engine of the same Remedy. In addition, both projects will land on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC: has not been provided a launch window that is accurate, but speaks generically of the “next few years”. According to reports from the Remedy, finally, the agreement reached with the publisher provides that the financing by the latter of the totality of the costs of development. The Remedy will retain possession of the two intellectual properties, and will get 50% of the profits arising from the marketing of the two games.