Publisher transferred to the Federal district court in Los Angeles claim against the Belarusian Studio Blitz Team. This was reported by the press service of the company.

Blitz Team formed from former employees that worked on mobile game World of Tanks Blitz. In 2019, the Studio has released the game Battle Prime.

In December of the same year he accused several employees of Team Blitz in the illegal use of the graphics engine DAVA Engine, whose source code was publicly available on GitHub. However, in 2014 the publishing house bought the engine and they are forbidden to make changes to it. The lawsuit was submitted to court of Belarus.

And in February 2020 Nicosia court has banned the Blitz Team use the word Blitz. Says the word Blitz is stably associated with the activities of the company and the team of creators of World of Tanks Blitz in the environment of the developers was known as the Blitz Team. Therefore, the company believes that the Studio is a competitor trying to cash in on the good name.

“In addition to the wages they were given additional payments from the profits of World of Tanks Blitz totaling more than 10 million U.S. dollars. In the framework of agreements with Wargaming they undertook not to compete with his former employer and not to poach its staff for a certain period of time after leaving”, it said in a statement.

Suit in American court is a case about illegal use of trademarks, which violates Federal laws of the United States. The defendant also is accused of unfair competition and the plaintiff seeks to cancel an application for the registration of trademarks of the company Blitz Team.

March 6, 2020 legal battles commented by representatives of the Blitz Team. They noted that the decision of the court of Nicosia they have learned from the press release and representatives of defendants were not present at the meetings. The Studio insists that the Prime Battle engine was written from scratch.

With regard to the use of trademarks, the former employers also allegedly trying to take control over a trademark Battle Prime. Blitz Team has applied for registration in may 2019 in Belarus, and in June of the same year filed a similar request to the European office for intellectual property. First received approval in November 2019 and the second in January 2020.

The Blitz Team also said the portal that to other companies that use the word Blitz have somehow, the claim arose (Bingo Blitz, Tetris Blitz , etc.). So we can talk about patent trolling and unfair competition. Given this, the Studio was ready to appeal the decision of the Cypriot court.

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