Announced for nearly a year, the remake of Panzer Dragoon to be precise a little more, with the announcement today of the return of the composer Saori Kobayashi, who had previously worked on episodes Saga and Orta. A good news for the fans of the Saturn have been welcomed, especially as she has cracked a message by video to reveal that she was also in charge of arranging music originally composed by Yoshitaka Azuma, who sadly passed away in 2012.

It undertakes to respect his style, while modernizing some of the songs to stick to the guns of today. Still in development at MegaPixel Studio, a young studio japanese fan of the series, Panzer Dragoon : Remake still has no release date for the moment. Do we know just what it is expected on PC, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia. Curiously, the PS4 is not part of the platforms provided.