Netflix, CAKE and Rovio Entertainment have announced to be working on a new animated series of Angry Birds, named Angry Birds: Summer Madness.

Announced a few days ago, this series will be published on the note streaming platform in the course of 2021 and will be based, obviously, on the world of Angry Birds, the franchise born from a simple mobile game that has literally invaded all the fields of multimedia entertainment, including applications, spin-offs, merchandise, and feature films. The series will consist of 40 episodes and will have all the characters already known of the universe of Angry Birds, such as Red, Bomb, Chuck , and many others.

Going more in detail, Netflix has stated that every episode will have a duration of 11 minutes, and that the humor of the series will be inspired by the one present in the films released in the cinema in the past years. The story sees the protagonists feathered in a summer camp run by the Might Eagle, caught up in a feud against pigs, which are found on the opposite shore of the lake that separate them from Red and his friends. Needless to say that peace will never be an option.

This is the dichairazione of Ville Heijari, CMO of Rovio:

“The animated series of Angry Birds to play a key role in our long-term strategy for the franchise. After more than a decade of successful games, blockbuster movies, and licensed products, this is the first inputs of Angry Birds in the world of the animated series. We are pleased to continue our partnership with CAKE and can’t wait to unveil the world of Angry Birds: Summer Madness with viewers of Netflix.”.


What do you think? According to you a series of Angry Birds on Netflix, you can find a good audience?

Source: ComicBook