The artist Carolina Silva has wanted to pay homage to the series on Netflix of The Witcher, trying to reimmaginarla as if it were an anime. Taking a cue from some of the sequences are iconic of the series (yes, even the scene in the tub), the designer has transformed Geralt, Ciri and the company, in an animated version japanese-style, with wonderful results.

This is not the first time that Silva wanted to transform a series of live-action in an anime version: already last year he had ventured into the re-imagining of Game of Thrones, with the results equally spectacular.

Here, you can admire the designs of Carolina Silva in all their glory. The fans know what scene of which episode each one of them make a reference:


These are only some of the images created by the artist in question. If you appreciate his works, you can take a look at his profile ArtStation and Instagram, where you will find not only other designs of The Witcher, but also Game of Thrones and much more worthy of attention.

Ironically, Netflix is currently working on a real animated series of The Witcher, scheduled for next year and that will allow us to kill the time while waiting for the second season of the series, a live-action.

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Source: Kotaku