In the latest interview with US Gamer , the writers of Valve spoke about how they came to the final Half-Life: Alyx and how it can continue with the series.
Below are spoilers, so close the page if you do not know the ending of the game.
But if you want to get to know him, you can do this in our paper.
Writers, including Erica Vulpo, the Studio drew on the work already in the final third of the production of “Alix”, so the basic plot outline was invented before their arrival. They also had to “build up the meat”.
The developers knew that Alix will go through city 17 and get G-Man from prison, but everything else was up already writers, including those who had a chance to talk with Marc Laidlaw, the author of Half-Life, which in 2017 published the initial plot of the third episode.
In the end, the writers decided to break out of the “prequel trap”, making the story much more important for the entire franchise. To this end, they undertook to rewrite the ending of the second episode, moving the story of Half-Life 2 off the ground.
According to Vulpe, the decision was made partially out of desperation, because it was a prequel, where the plot revolves around a rescue from prison, whether God, or Satan.
And now he owes you. What will he do?
Eric Vulpo
Of course, when many in the Studio first heard about the desire to rewrite the ending of the second episode, they strongly resisted, not wanting to resort to this.
Perhaps we even presented the final words like, “We’ll talk about the final, and you will hate him, but just think about it at least a couple of seconds.”
Eric Vulpo
However, over time, Valve has come to understand that it really can work.
The ending of “Alix” will have its “unintended consequences”. The writers of Half-Life, of course, have their own ideas for further stories, but they are not in a hurry to share them with the audience, because I want to read the discussions of players and not impose their point of view.
We made the game around Alyx. None of the writers didn’t want to she eventually came to the same place was in the second episode. We wanted to send her to another path, which should be very interesting.
Eric Vulpo
Judging by the reaction on the network, many fans met the new final point in the universe positive. Now Gordon Freeman and his allies have a clear villain in the face of G-Man, a new purpose and higher rates. Where this will lead — we’ll see if Valve still continues the story.
Vulpo, by the way, recalls the comic ending, which is exactly what would blow up fans.
We had an idea where at the end of the Alix requests to remove alliances with Earth, and G-Man takes this desire. All. Half-Life 3. The final. They leave the Earth and we finish the series.
Eric Vulpo
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