The tfeu, the famous streamer Fortnite, has repeatedly praised the controller as the ideal tool to play Fortnite, however, has recently explained why he refuses to use it during games.

“The future of gaming is mouse and keyboard, even if I think that the controller is more suited to play Fortnite Chapter 2, I don’t want to put myself to practice just to play Fortnite, however… well, you know, I would like a table more low, and the mouse and keyboard to hand for me and my opponent.”

In this period the Tfeu is recording performance is not particularly outstanding in Fortnite because of the Ping, a problem that would be pushing the streamer to consider changing home, moving from Florida to Virginia, where are located on a server of Epic Games for North America.

Epic is aware of the situation is not too stable of the server of Fortnite and is working to resolve the main issues, however, it may take a few more weeks before the situation returns to normal, with disruptions in part also due to the high number of users connected at the same time, the emergency Coronavirus has forced many to stay home and Fortnite (along with Call of Duty Warzone) seems to be one of the pastimes most popular among the young ones.