The community of Fortnite seems to have discovered a trick rather useful for a better control over the helicopter Choppa that have recently made their debut in the game Epic.

The bug of the helicopter which allows you to activate the autopilot, which is useful so that you can focus on the control of guns. To activate the cheat you can just take advantage of the proximity mines, throwing them one on top of the aeroplane prior to take-off, so that the helicopter will insert the auto-pilot and you don’t have to worry about anything else that you shoot.

Almost certainly Epic Games is already working on a hotfix to correct the problem, the next patch Fortnite will correct probably the bug of auto-pilot, but in the meantime you can have fun exploiting this glitch accidentally.

In the last few hours, a leak has revealed the new challenges of the week 6 of Fortnite coming today afternoon (march 26), together with the challenges in Deadpool, the update 12.21 released this week has not brought a dowry of many, many new, since it was a minor update released for the purpose of maintenance. For new content we will have to wait necessarily to the beginning of April, in the next few days developers should reveal more details on the news coming.