From some days a new update released by the developers of the team of CyberConnect2 has made available the time machine in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

The object makes it possible for players who have completed the main campaign of theAction-RPG to make a return to the determinate moments of the adventure. In this way, you can try to get better scores in the fighting, or spend time on the side quests left unfinished in the course of their game. Among the effects of the time machine Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is also the possibility of return to assume the role of Vegito and Gotenks.

The two love mergers, respectively, generated by Goku and Vegeta and Trunks and Goten, in fact, are not currently selectable as characters within the endgame. Accordingly, it is possible to dress up their shoes only during the fight with Super BUU, ripercorribile thanks to the time machine. But Vegito and Gotenks will ever be fully playable? Some players have tried to conduct the test and the answer, unfortunately, seems to be negative. At the time, in fact, even when challenged multiple times in the collision, the two mergers will not advance in level: a fact which seems to exclude changes in their current role.

Pending any officializations in this sense, remember that CyberConnect2 is currently engaged in developing a game PS4 theme Demon Slayer.