Despite the fact that in recent days, China has opened more than 500 theaters, the spectators are not in a hurry to visit them.
On the first weekend after the opening of the sessions attended an average of one spectator, and the total earnings from the rental amounted to about 10 thousand dollars. That’s less than one movie earns in a day in standard mode.
The main distributors of the country, the China Film Corp. put at the disposal of cinemas number of films, the income from which is fully leave themselves the owners of the halls, however, such low earnings it’s highly unlikely they will help.
Many suspect that this situation will continue at least throughout April. Even if all of a sudden decide to abruptly return to the movie, then financial losses rental still look very impressive — more than $ 2 billion.
Xinjiang Golden Palm Cinemafirst opened its doors, moved to cut-down operation mode, since the day he was visited by a maximum of 100 people. It is interesting that many people are actively going back to re-open the restaurants and shopping centers, but in the movie they go not in a hurry.
Perhaps the situation will improve when the country to support rental launch releases of the past years — both local and Hollywood.

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