To celebrate the release of Half-Life: Alyx the developers at Motion Twin has added to its action-platformer Dead Cells of the suit and the crowbar of Gordon Freeman, and kits of the iconic shooter series.
At the same time, players became available the alpha version of the 18th update. The game added 11 modifiers, 6 enemies and a new object — the Portable door. It covers the back of the protagonist, while he copes with the enemies in front of him, and also allows you to stun enemies when the player decides to turn around.
In addition, the developers have made changes in balance, improved level design, the graphics and interface and fixed some bugs. Full list of changes can be found on the link. Basically, they concerned the content of the first paid add-ons — The Bad Seed.

Half-Life: Alyx seems like the bomb!!! So… In a shameless attempt to convince Lord Gaben of Valve to send us an Index kit (each, of course) we built this: #Steam #indiedev #deadcells #HalfLifeAlyx #briberyWorksRight #jokes #notReally

— Motion Twin (@motiontwin) March 25, 2020

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