As well as platinumgames , will unveil the fourth and final ad in his set to reveal the “Platinum 4” the 1st of April, according to an update on the website Platinum 4.

In summary, up to now have been announced The Wonderful 101: Remastered, Project G. G., and study, as well as platinumgames in Tokyo that will focus on titles such as GaaS, a genre not yet explored by the company.

With regard to the fourth announcement, Atsushi Inaba, executive vice-president and studio head as well as platinumgames, has previously stated: “the latest announcement is a secret. We are doing something very interesting and in the style of Platinum. We can’t wait”.

The senior vice president and game designer as well as platinumgames, Hideki Kamiya, has stated at PAX East 2020 that will be a “gem”.


You expect from as well as platinumgames?

Source: Gematsu.