Known for accurate leaks about the games FromSoftware insider Omnipotent commented on the forums ResetEra users ‘ questions about formed around Elden Ring lull.

He recalled that for the promotion of the new game of Hidetaka Miyazaki, organization of interviews with developers, news in the public space and the preparation of the trailers meets the company Bandai Namco, which also publishes in parallel a large number of other games from different studios. In response to emerging market uncertainties associated with the coronavirus, it has “continually adjust their plans” to make changes in the strategy of promoting all its gaming line, said Omni.

Bandai Namco also has to take into account the plans of its partners platformtarget who have enough problems of their own.

“It is important to understand that Namco Bandai is not sitting idly by, while marketing a much more complex phenomenon than just “press the button to publish the trailer and cause a stir”. In addition to Elden Ring, it also has other games, the promotion of which need to worry. Marketing each project is assigned a budget, there are different deadlines, it is necessary to monitor changes in the market, but there is also a coronavirus. The team was preparing to move Elden Ring, but now there are other challenges that need to understand, and then correcting,” wrote the insider.

The spread of coronavirus has somehow affected the entire industry. Editor in chief of a reputable industrial publication Christopher Dring saidthat many publishers took a wait – they believe that now is not the time for announcements.

In early March, Omni announced that in the coming months, the emergence of Elden Ring is not worth waiting.

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